IMMANUEL  BINTANG JAYA ABADI is a company engaged in the field of courier service for delivery of package sizes small to large quantities (cargo). Departing from his often see the needs of many companies need to be reliable delivery for the purpose of Foreign Affairs and the Interior, in addition to the package delivery service, we extend our service Service to handle cargo shipments either by speedboat / RORO, land and sea, in addition to the we also serve the needs of customers for goods moving work (moving)

Network of IMMANUEL  BINTANG JAYA ABADI has reached out across Indonesia and we will give you the ease of delivery, package your cargo or goods, goals major cities in the Indonesian archipelago appropriately and safely. And most importantly affordable price quote. As "YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER" is our motto, we are determined to provide the best service (Service Priority) to our customers as a top priority.


Assist the government in creating jobs and facilitate the rotation of the wheel the trade / public economy of the Republic of Indonesia.

Committed to serving wholeheartedly with the best security guarantees
To be a trusted partner of many companies in the field of courier services